Even before the outbreak of Covid-19 we had a series of steps we took to mitigate the spread of germs. Phones carry tons of germs on them and we handle a LOT of phones so we have had routines in place to keep our employees and customers safe using hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants.

In addition to our normal process we are taking additional measures to insure the safety of employees and customers.

  • We will be sanitizing all surfaces 3 times daily and will have alcohol based sanitizers in the customer waiting area and at all work stations. Employees are requested to wash hands frequently and use sanitizers as needed.
  • As to not damage the soft coating on devices with alcohol we will be using a medical grade UV light sanitizing machine to clean all smart devices coming in for repair. Once repairs are completed device will be placed back in this machine to insure they are sanitized before returning to our customers.
  • All inbound parts from vendors will be processed through our UV sanitizers before being stocked.
  • We are installing an air purification system in our front waiting are.

Risk of infection is not the only issues we are facing in our industry. With so many suppliers relying on parts manufactured in China where they have essentially ended production and shipping the demand on parts has skyrocketed. We are going to see part cost increase and availability decrease as this continues to effect our industry.

To prevent increases in prices and long waits for parts and repairs we have taken the following steps.

  • Purchasing additional stock for our premium parts line that we carry.
  • Keeping stock of parts we typically reserve for special orders IE: Samsung, LG, Motorola screens and batteries.
  • Refurbishing parts in house

There is a lot of uncertainty right now with what will happen in coming weeks. These steps are just healthy measures to provide quality service for our customers and continue to serve our community in the safest way we can. Going forward we will monitor our practices and how and where we can make improvements. No reason to be alarmed, just follow protocols and everything will be fine soon. And likely a little cleaner.