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Justin Martin
Justin MartinThe CEO
I joined the repair industry in 2008 and helped create iGenie in 2010. The focus of iGenie wasn’t only to provide an avenue to repair smart phones and tablets, but to offer excellent customer service. My primary focus is Apple products but I am fully experienced with Samsung, HTC and LG smart devices. After thousands of devices serviced in my years in this industry you can feel confident in a great experience.
Kevin Lee
Kevin LeeThe Technician
I have been fixing computers since 1996, and smartphones since 2008. I have repaired thousands of devices, but I specialize in Apple and Samsung repairs. I can fix nearly any device I come across, but sometimes, price can be a factor. I left a company I started in 2010, to come work for Justin, and make iGenie Repair the best device repair location in Columbia. If you have a device that is causing you trouble, the best thing you can do, is shoot us an email, and see how we can help you out. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to working with you.

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