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Broken Glass
Broken Home and Power Buttons
Broken Dock Ports
Dead Batteries

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Broken Glass
Broken LCDs
Bent Corners
Dead Batteries

Computer Repair

Broken Screens
Broken Power Jacks
Data Recovery
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Why iGenie?

We pride ourselves on our fast repair service. We know you are busy, and who these days wants to be without their phone or tablet for longer than necessary? Nobody, that’s who! Most of our iPhone repairs can be done in about 30 minutes or so, often while you wait, or shop downtown or go get some food for lunch. Most of our iPad repairs can be done in about an hour or so, we have the fastest iPad repair times in Columbia, so you won’t have to wait days to get your iPad repaired and back to checking FaceBook, or Pintrest. Our Computer repair service is probably the quickest in Columbia, as well, with most repairs completed in about 1 business day.
We won’t try to price match some Craigslist tech, or your Brothers friend, but if you’re talking about a reputable, well established shop, with a lifetime warranty, that will be around when you need them, then we have very competitive prices. We try to know what our competitors are charging for similar services, and we try to stay below them. If you call us and let us know what the other places are quoting, we will see if we can beat them, we can’t guarantee that we can, but we will try our best.
We have an exclusive lifetime warranty, that will cover everything, but accidental, and liquid damage. If anything ever happens to the part, beyond your control, just give us a call, and we will make it our first priority to get it fixed up and running again. This warranty is good for the life of your device, so you can relax, and rest easy knowing that the part we install is the highest quality, and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Here is what others have to say!

Don Koharski
May 29, 2014

Hard to find it. Worth the effort. Had to get the glass front of my I- phone replaced. I was from out of town and they dropped what they were doing and in 30 minutes fixed. My company in New York couldn't fix it for the price I was charged. Highly recommend if your in Columbia this is the place.

Alan Willis
May 29, 2014

Does great work at a fair price and does it in a timely fashion

Dana Foster
May 27, 2014

I've taken several phones and computers to iGenie to be repaired. Always fast, friendly, and affordable!!!