We can provide fast affordable repairs for your device without leaving your home!

Using the form below you can request a free mailing label for your device repair. We can send you a shipping label at no charge all you need to do is place it in a box and drop it off at your closest shipping provider or hand it to your carrier. Once we receive your device we will provide you with an estimate for repairs and once it is approved we will complete your repair and ship it out same day. Most repairs will be returned within a day of receiving them. We offer free labels for phones, tablets and even personal laptops!

-After submitting your information we will email you a shipping label based off your preferences.

-We may contact you regarding your repair before sending your label, but in most cases if we have enough information we can send your label immediately

-Once you have your label, just box up your device securely, attach your label and drop off at your carrier.

-When we receive the device we will contact you immediately with repair quote and once approved we will complete your repair and ship your device back to you.

-If you decline your repair we can ship your device back to you for a fee of $11.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long do repairs take – Most repairs are completed and shipped same day. From date of delivery to returned most cases are 3 total days.
  • Is there an extra shipping fee – There is no cost for shipping to or from iGenie on repairs. If an estimate for repair is provided and denied by Sender there is a $11 return shipping fee via USPS.
  • Are repairs guranteed – iGenie gurantees the quality of all repairs performed including a limited Lifetime Warranty on all parts replaced by iGenie. This warranty excludes and damage that is a result of impact or water damage.
  • Will I lose the data on my phone, tablet or computer? – In almost all cases no, however it is always good practice to keep backups of your devices when possible. We can assist you with this as well.
  • What devices can I ship to you for repair? – Any smart device! Including Apple, Samsung, LG etc smart phones, Tablets, personal Laptops and more. If you have a questions just give us a call!
  • Enter any identifying model information here
  • Briefly describe the damage to your device ie: broken screen, not booting, bad battery etc.
  • Please select your preferred shipping method.